Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dear Sweezey - dental help info

Dear Sweezey,

im 32 with no job, no ins, and very bad teeth.the dental schools seem to take a long
time to get in, and then theres JPS. lookin for any other ideas.i grind my teeth,tried
those guards u can buy but they dont line up overbite,have broken teeth and need 2 root
cannals. so thanks for and ideas



Dear ro,

From the looks of your e-mail, it looks like your teeth are just one of many problems.
You say that the dental schools seem to take a long time, have you actually looked into how long it would take? I haven’t but I would assume that they have people getting ready to graduate all the time. I have no idea what JPS is so I can’t help you there. Why don’t you just go to a dentist? I mean you got money for the guards that don’t line up and you have a computer and internet service so you must have some form of income.

And if that’s not an option, I would recommend that you go to a shady part of town and start yelling racial slurs while standing in the middle of the street. That will surely cure your dental problem.



As always, feel free to e-mail me for advice, questions or concerns of any kind at

- Don’t get dead

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