Friday, August 07, 2009

Dear Sweezey - Why Do SOME Women

Dear Sweezey,

Why the hell can a guy not just give some women a complement without being accused of hitting on them? I'm a good looking guy work out, eat right, take care of myself set... but sometimes it seems that when I complement someone at work, like my secretary who got a new hair style, or say, what a great dress, or nice shoes, why the hell do they take that sometimes as I'm hitting on them... can't a guy just make a statement without coming off as hitting on them? And i"m 26, not like a creepy old man.

- Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

First off, it’s because you are a liar. There is no way in a thousand hells you are successful enough to have a secretary and can’t construct a decent sentence. And the receptionist in the building you work in does not count as a secretary. But I will give you credit for, more or less, for using spell check.

Secondly, you are probably creepy as hell. I can just see you there with your name on your shirt touching yourself while you are waiting on a signature and “complementing” them. A hundred bucks says that you are the kind of dude who checks out your cousins at family reunions and is probably a bit proud of it.

And lastly, if you are 26 and take such great care of yourself and you’re NOT trying to pick up women, there is something very wrong with you. That should be just about the only thing on your mind at that age.

I worry about the youth of America.

- Sweezey

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Don’t get dead

Thursday, August 06, 2009

This place damn sure wasn’t “Cheers”

Heff, here is one that I think you will enjoy.

Years back, after I graduated high school I got a job working in a bar. Yes, my parents were so proud of me. Like most bars, we had “regulars” and I use the term loosely. This post is about one of those “regulars”.

This guy, who we will call Steve, because his name is Steve (and fuck him he was a pain in the ass and if I knew his last name, phone number, address or social security number I would post it too!), who you could depend on to be in the bar day after day. Steve was an older dude, probably in his early fifties, had sort of long shaggy hair and a very full beard. To say that Steve was an alcoholic would be a vast understatement. Steve’s blood type is Budweiser positive. This guy will never die because he is already preserved, or maybe it’s pickled.

One this one particular evening Steve wasn’t already in the bar when I got to work like he typically was. Even though this guy was the Mount Fuji of pains in the ass, when he wasn’t there you almost missed him. After about an hour or so Steve comes in clean shaven and with a haircut. Just about all of the staff asked Steve simultaneously what was up with the shave and a haircut (two bits!) to which he replied “The judge don’t like long hair”, enough said! It’s kind of hard to tell if an alcoholic got good or bad news by their drinking habits but for the sake of this post we are going to assume that it’s good news.

During the course of the night Steve was sucking back Budweisers like a fat girl at a strip bar, minus the woohoo every 15 seconds. At one point I noticed that Steve was standing in the bar’s game room doorway and asked just about every woman that walked by if they wanted to shoot some pool. I also noticed that Steve had pissed down both legs of his jeans. What dame wouldn’t jump on an opportunity like that?

Five or six hours later I noticed Steve paying his tab and heading towards the door. About an hour later one of the bouncers and I were walking the parking lot and noticed that Steve was passed out in his car, in the back seat on the driver’s side at that. When the bouncer knocked on the glass Steve put his hands out like he was driving and said “I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m ok”. This is not a good sign. So we take his drunk ass back inside the bar and tell the owner & manager what happened and that we should probably sober him up a bit before we let him leave again. So we lock Steve in the owners office. About an hour later, roughly 1:00 in the morning, Steve is beating on the door screaming let me out over and over again. I go and unlock the door and start to explain to him that we can’t let him go until he sobers up. Steve looks at me and says “No, no, no, I got to go to the bathroom!!!” Right this way mofo.

Of course the bathrooms where on the other side of the bar. So I walk him to the bathrooms so that I could make sure that he didn’t leave the bar. When we get to the bathroom instead of going to a urinal he went into a stall, locks the door and I can see his shoes, his pants and skidded up tighty whiteys around his ankles under the stall door. Then I heard Steve say BBBRRRRRAAAHHHH and fill his pants with vomit. It was about this time that I needed to do something else on the other side of the bar.

I go to the bar where one of the bouncers was hanging out and tell him to keep an eye on the bathroom door for me. A couple of minutes later Steve comes walking out of the men’s room with his pants pulled up and shaking vomit out of his pants leg with every other step. Yep, he puked in the seat of his pants and then put them back on. I almost passed out from laughter.

Ole Chunks of the Loom makes his way to the bar and actually tried to order a beer. As fate with have it the owner of the bar and the manager of the bar walk by as he tries to order and tells the bartender that Steve is cut off and not to serve him. As everyone expects, Steve gets pissed and tries to throw his weight around. What he doesn’t know is that the owner now knows that his office is trashed and his couch smells of the inside of Steve’s bladder. You could safely say that the owner has pretty much had enough of Steve at this point. One thing that I failed to mention is that the owner of the bar was about 8 inches taller that Steve and outweighed him by a good 100 plus pounds. So Steve and the owner exchange words, F yous mostly, and the owner tried to push Steve’s nose out the back of Steve’s head with his fist. Steve lands in the trash can by the bar and even though his eyes where open Steve was out.

We call a cab and get him a ride home.

The next night Steve comes strolling in the bar and I think that the owner is about to charge him like a rhino when Steve asked, “What happened last night?” Steve proceeds to tell us that he woke up in his mom’s bed with her bitching at him, blood all over his face and his pants stuck to him. Laughter erupts throughout the bar.

Don’t get dead

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dear Sweezey – Where can I find ……

Dear Sweezey,

Where can I find a 18yo, hot asian, GIRL
nympho, millionare

that will support me and my family

must love old fat dudes

- Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

Judging by your stellar spelling and grammar skills, that’s an easy one. Get your Hawaiian shirt on because you’re going to Fantasy Island. That’s right Mr. Roarke and Tattoo’s dead asses are waiting for you. While you are there you might as well ask that your wife turn bi and realize how much she loves bring in exotic women to satisfy you, that she drop 175 pounds and get breast augmentation, liposuction, a tummy tuck and have her gag reflex removed. That shit probably isn’t going to happen either. But hey why not, if you’re going to dream, dream big right?

You might have had a chance here in the real world if you left out the will support you and your family business. Who am I kidding, you never had a chance.

But if you do happen to run into her, let me know. I got big dreams too! And I know that my wife would love to be taken care of by a millionaire (or a millionare as you put it).

- Sweezey

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Don’t get dead

Monday, August 03, 2009

New Chapters for the book that I am writing

As some of you know I am writing a book, and I will give you guys a sneak peek into my future best seller. The book that I am writing is a how to book but not just any how to book, this book is how to be an a-hole.

If you mash here and here you can see some of the other chapters of the book. Not that I would advise anyone to actually go out and do anything even remotely close to stuff like this…

You just got to hit people where they are vulnerable.

Here are some of the excerpts of the book

The next time you are in a rental car do the next renter a favor and preset all of the stations, preferably to something like the underground garage band station. Set them all to the same god-awful station.

While we are on the subject of rental cars and radios, go ahead and crank that radio wide open and then turn the power off. That way the next time someone goes to listen to the radio they can hear it. If you want to go the extra mile glue the volume knob in the max volume position if said radio has a power button other than the volume knob.

The next time you go to dinner and you have eaten everything on your plate except for maybe a bone or just a very small morsel of food, ask your server for a to-go box, then ask them if they can box it up for you.

If you are eating with someone who has a straw in their drink and they just happen to leave the table for a short period of time, such as to go to the bathroom, either take their straw out of their drink or take another straw and tie a knot in one end of the straw. Place the end of the straw back into their drink.

The next time you are out to eat in a restaurant that has table service, every time the waiter comes by and asks if you want a refill, change your drink order. Go from Coke to Dr. Pepper. Then from Dr. Pepper to Diet Coke. Then really screw with them, change it to a drink of a different color. Go from Diet Coke to Iced Tea, then from Iced Tea to Sprite. I don’t know why, but this seems to really piss them off.

If you so happen to be in a restaurant where they ask you if you want something such as fresh grated cheese on your food tell them yes and don’t stop them. If they stop tell them that you want more. Once there is a ridiculous mound of cheese on your food or when they run out of cheese, take a bite and send it back. Tell them that it taste funny and that you want another one. If they are brave enough to ask you if you want fresh grated cheese on your food tell them oh god no, you can’t stand that stuff.

Speaking of eating, hang out by a weight watchers and ask women who come out of there when they are due and reach out as if you were going to touch their belly.

Walk out of a building that has a lot of door traffic like a mall or a busy office building. Once outside look up at the sky and say “Oh my god!” and just keep looking up. Once a crowd has gathered and people are trying to see what you are looking at, quietly walk away.

Find a bill changer in a busy place such as a mall or airport. Every time someone walks by take a single and make change, when the change drops loudly exclaim “I WON! I WON!” When someone comes over to see what you are doing look at them and say “this machine is hot!” then make change again.

If for any reason you happen to be a boat such as a ferry or a dinner cruise or something like that and you can get a cup of ice, make your way to the front of the boat, throw an ice cube in the water and scream “ICEBERG DEAD AHEAD!!” and get into a brace position.

While in the airport, walk up to some, anyone, preferably someone who is a different size than you are and start squirming like you had an accident. Ask them if you can borrow some underwear “because… you know!” When they tell you no, loudly say “come on man, I know that you are holding!” and point to their suitcase. When they walk away loudly say “Oh now you don’t know me?! You sure did last night!”

Any time you are sitting across from someone but not in close proximity, be it in a meeting, at a bar or similar setting, continually rub/wipe your nose while looking at someone else as if to notify them that they have something hanging out of their nose. Do it over and over again. See how many times you can get them to try to remove it before they get pissed.

Any time that you are leaving a place at the same time as someone else but going to different cars ask them a question that starts out coheirent and tail off into some sort of gibberish. Such as “Hey, are we going to head over to hehsehawgwehwew?” When they say “What?” Say “Are you and I going to go over to hewupseisedbenese?” See how many times you can get them to ask you what you said. This works best if you are going to different cars not parked near each other. If you really want to kick the a-hole up a notch talk quieter as you start with the gibberish.

While at work, go into the can and find a stall that is open but has someone in the next stall. Close the door, make yourself comfortable and start to sing show tunes. My personal favorite is a big grunt followed by “OOOOOOKLAHOMA!”

Get into an elevator that has other people in it. About four works best. And the taller the building the better. Once in the elevator press the button for one of the lower floors. Then say out loud to yourself “Oh, I really should go to (a slightly higher floor) first” and push the button for that floor. Then say out loud to yourself “oh they are on (an even slightly higher floor) now” and push that floors button. Keep this up for as long as you can then say something like “oh screw it” and get off on your original floor when the elevator stops there.

This one takes a little prep work but it is usually well worth it. Take a couple of sheets of toilet paper and smear some peanut butter on it (crunchy or smooth) and just hold it in your hand. Go into a restroom where someone is in a stall already. Go into the stall next to them, get comfortable, and after a minute or two let the other person (assuming that they haven’t left already) hear you getting some toilet paper. Then simply toss the toilet paper with the peanut butter on it just out of your reach under the stall wall. Stick your hand under the wall and say “little help!” Extra points if you hit their shoe with it.

Take three or four sheets of paper and tape them end to end. Go to your fax machine and send someone a fax. Once the first sheet comes out of the fax machine, tape the top of it to the bottom of the last sheet making a loop and let it send for as long as you want. Extra points if you have typed up a nice little message on the pages. Double points if you filled each page with the message. This will be a huge fax that will take forever to print on their end, possibly wasting tons of paper and toner. Don’t forget about the other real faxes that will be waiting in queue for it to complete.

Speaking of office a-holeness, take a fine tip sharpie like those new pen sharpies and just put a couple of random dots on someones monitor. This is very effective for people who are in documents or e-mail all day.

Probably my favorite is the next time you are walking in a public place, such as a mall or touristy place, and someone passes you going the same direction look at them and loudly say “NO! I don’t want any candy! And leave my butt alone!” this works best when the guy saying it is passed by another male.

Don’t get dead
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